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Ph credits Marco Tonino

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Confine Radiante is an audio experience for walkers along the ridge of Mount Sabotino.


The viewer starts walking and crosses the boundary between stillness and motion. He walks exactly one kilometer as the crow flies from point A to point B. His footsteps constantly straddle a broken line that would be invisible, if there were not a few dozen numbered milestones with two short black lines at the top that concretize their corners, if he did not have a smartphone that traces a line of pixels exactly above his position. This line that is and is not there is the border between Slovenia and Italy that runs exactly along the ridge of Mount Sabotino.

Those rays, starting from the black whiskers on the memorial stones, extend into long air marks. The border is here, it coincides in its geometric perfection with the imperfection of the stones, and it is here so that you can embrace with your gaze what is to its left and to its right. Invisible and visible, perfect and imperfect overlap so that you can be, for once, at the culmination of two halves, of two visions expanding along the sides of this division. A voice accompanies your walk without disturbing the silence of the mountain, but trying to expand your imagination. How does your gaze change when you project an invisible but concrete geometry over it? How does your perception change as you listen to the accounts of other people straddling lines that mark other boundaries?


Confine Radiante

Concept and realization David Angeli, Jacopo Giacomoni in collaboration with Marco Tonino

Technical consulting Ikon srl

Organization Marco Tonino

A Malmadur production realized thanks to the artistic residency "Richiedo Asilo artistico" curated by Festival In\Visible Cities and A.ArtistiAssociati

In collaboration with Evoè Teatro

Ph credits Marco Tonino

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