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50 minuti di ritardo  recalls an experience that actually happened to a member of the company on a plane from Mykonos to Venice.

The departure was delayed by 50 minutes due to the presence on board of two refugees of about sixty years old disguised as tourists. Only after they were taken off he plane could take off.
None of the passengers did anything.

The protagonist of the scene is a large screen, a window-mirror that allows performers and spectators to look out and interact with the online and social world.

The performers are together with the audience, involved in the same vision.

A digital timer marks the duration of each experience. 50 minutes is the duration of the wait that performers and spectators relive inside the theater; it is the delay of a take-off, a time snatched from everyday life to reflect on how we think, communicate and deceive the wait.


50 minuti

di ritardo

50 minuti di ritardo ​

Direction and dramaturgy
Alessia Cacco and Jacopo Giacomoni

Concept and realization
Elena Ajani, David Angeli, Alessia Cacco, Jacopo Giacomoni, Davide Pachera, Marco Tonino

Marco Tonino

Assistant director
Eleonora Bonino

Matteo de Mayda and Filippo Manzini

A Malmadur production in co-production with Fondazione Teatro della Toscana.
In collaboration with Evoè! Teatro.
Thanks to S.a.L.E Docks, Accademia Teatrale Veneta,Teatro dei Servi Disobbedienti and Altre Velocità.

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