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Malmadur  was born in 2013 in Venice with the show LEAR/Del conflitto generazionale (LEAR/generational Conflict), winner of the Premio OFF 2013 del Teatro Stabile del Veneto


“Malmadur” in the local languages and dialects of the North East of Italy, means unripe, premature, it therefore underlines the approach of a continuous research, result of the crossed contamination from different study fields of the 7 members of the group.


Malmadur  believes in a theatre based on a slow, multidisciplinary and collective work, which seeks a direct relationship with the public, irony and at the same time the questioning of the certainties of the spectator.


In its artistic path the company has developed fluid and indeterminate dramaturgies, based on the real participation of the audience and on the deconstruction of the relationship between actor and text. The language of the company looks at the contemporary European theatre, building unconventional scenic devices to rethink together the present.

Performances are built to be entrusted to and completed by the spectators and within  this structure, empty spaces, uncertainty and bewilderment are part of the process. The theatrical fruition is considered as a unique experience.

There is a famous line from King Lear which says:

"Maturity is everything".

We seek a constant questioning of what has been done, without believing that we have achieved this all. Otherwise, the risk is to start repeating itself, to re-propose a formula that works.

This video presents the vision, history and projects of the Malmadur company.

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