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In a distant distant time, in our galaxy ...
A community decides to flee the declining Earth to found a perfect world on an uninhabited planet. But the project seems to die out in the bud when Dore, the leader of the community, dies shortly after arriving at the new home.
The remaining founders, to save utopia and cement the people's faith in their ideals, choose to tell that Dore is God. The religion of the planet Starlùc is born on this lie.

Here ends epic science fiction, history with a capital s. A thousand years later the tale of ordinary two people begins.
A naive sentry named Ah and his prosaic Virgil Wanguelien sight Dore's return and decide to leave together to reach God's landing site.

Through a language that, drawing on epic theater and pop culture, tries to merge cinema, TV series and theater, we accompany the two protagonists on the planet Starlùc on a journey - which like all travel is a means and an end at the same time - in search of God.






Direction and Dramaturgy  -  Alessia Cacco and Jacopo Giacomoni


Created by

Elena Ajani, David Angeli, Jacopo Giacomoni, Caterina Soranzo, Marco Tonino, Vincenzo Tosetto


Choreographer e  Movement assistant -  Elena Ajani


Scenography -  Caterina Soranzo in collaboration with Elena Ajani


Costumes -  Davide Pachera


Music  -  Jacopo Giacomoni


Light design -  Cristiano Colleoni

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