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Born from a proposal  by prof. Carlo Natali, professor of History of Ancient Philosophy at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, this show brings to the stage one of Plato's dialogues, focused on friendship.
You enter a gym where, in addition to the physical, reasoning is also trained. Among challenges in tennis, boxing and shooting, young people inexperienced in the things of love  they are led by Socrates, towards the truth - or what can be grasped of it - about friendship. 


The expression "comma 22" (catch 22) has entered the English jargon to symbolize a paradoxical situation without solution. The show presents a futuristic society in which every public good is monetized. The only solution for those who want to escape this logic of the most unbridled privatization is represented by an extreme paradox. From paragraph 22 to paragraph 212: 212 ° Fahrenheith is the temperature at which the water comes to a boil. give you non-potable H2O.    

This show is a research on language. The text is made up entirely of words, phrases and slogans of the TV of the 80s and 90s. How would a family communicate whose only cultural and linguistic channel is represented by television? A critique of a world we are inexorably steeped in. Cathodic Theater: TV on the stage. Entirely conceived, written and directed by H20 non-potable


Inspired by Queneau's "Esercizi di Stile", this show collects contributions on the theme  of the points of view and language of authors such as Gaber, Campanile and Ionesco reworked and integrated with pieces written by H2O. 
An ironic show in a path between the signifier and the meaning in which one comes across, inexorably, in the misunderstanding.


Show  loosely based on the novel "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace.
Two of the main themes of Wallace's book are Addiction and Abstinence, explored here  in the labyrinth of the new drugs of our time: internet, social networks, online games and sex, tablets and smartphones.
Who gets lost in these worlds and why? 
4 characters find themselves harnessed in a world that they can no longer separate from reality.

H20 non potabile were born in 2006 as a theatrical group of university students of Ca 'Foscari and IUAV of Venice. They are a group recognized by the Ca 'Foscari University since 2009.

The group's research is always oriented towards topical issues - such as the influence of television on the language of the younger generations, ecomafia, internet addiction, privatization of public goods - which are faced with an ironic vein and love for paradox.

The shows are the result of a collective process of dramaturgical and directorial writing that merges into what the group defines as stream of theatreness.



non-potable h2o

"The problem is borders. Reality has too few and too faded. In the game, on the other hand, everything has a well-defined edge: every goal, however far away, can be reached through a precise and univocal road. Being the best means be first on a leaderboard, and there's a leaderboard for everything. "



From "La Sostanza"

"This is safety. You wake up, you are well balanced, no black and white, you have stereoscopic vision, a refined sense of smell. It is safety. You meet other people, no gaffe, no bad words, no defects in the vibrations.

You have your nice subscription that gives you the ability to grasp the irony and you feel safe "



From "Comma 212"

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