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Winner of the OFF 2013 Award of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto

It is not a problem what to deal with, but how to deal with it.
We know that our generation is angry, frightened and disillusioned, that it has to suffer the mistakes of those who preceded it and that power is precluded. But we know how easily all this can lead to useless whining.
King Lear was our how : there we found the words, the characters, the scenarios that we were missing. Through them our ideas have gained the strength and poetry to be incisive and effective.

Thanks to Shakespeare we have retraced a turn of the wheel of power: we have witnessed a father who decides to leave the command to his daughters and a young man who manages to conquer him with cunning; but also to the flattery that defeats honesty, and to the new that repeats the mistakes of the old.

King Lear has become the drama of our generational conflict, of the power that flatters, pretends, tortures and dictates its own rules and rituals to anyone who approaches it; in it we reviewed our fathers and our rulers, who we could be and who, above all, we would not want to be.
But King Lear was also our political act, the attempt to deny our laziness and despondency on stage.


From King Lear by William Shakespeare


A show born from a collaboration between Empusa , Itineris and H2O Non Potabile within the Sala Travaglio project of this ship.


Dramaturgy : Jacopo Giacomoni, Marco Gnaccolini

Directed by : Alessia Cacco with the collaboration of Tatjana Motta
Costumes : Davide Pachera
Scenography : Elena Ajani

Lights : Matteo Moglianesi
Organization : Vincenzo Tosetto, Marco Tonino
Graphics : Caterina Soranzo
Duration of the show: about 90 minutes

Interpreters in alphabetical order:

Elena Ajani - Gonerill

David Angeli - Edgar

Jacopo Giacomoni - Edmund

Lucia Messina - Cordelia

Caterina Soranzo - Regan

Marco Tonino - Gloucester

Vincenzo Tosetto - Lear 

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