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Malmadur was born in 2013 with the debut of the show LEAR / Of the generational conflict,   winner of the 2013 OFF Award of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

The company is based in the historic city of Venice.

Malmadur in ancient Friulian, Trentino and Venetian means "unripe, immature",  to underline the approach of continuous research, the result of the contamination between the different training fields of the seven members of the company.

The company believes in a theater based on slow, multidisciplinary and collective work, which seeks direct relationship with the public, entertainment and at the same time undermining the viewer's certainties.

In its artistic career the company has developed fluid and indeterminate dramaturgies, centered on the real participation of the public and on the deconstruction of the relationship between actor and text. The company's language looks to contemporary European theater, building unconventional stage devices to rethink the present together.

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