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Malmadur Company



loosely based on John Gay's "Opera del Mendicante"


text and direction  by Sandra Mangini

Claudia Bellemo

Silvia De Bastiani

Jacopo Giacomoni
Elena Nico
Caterina Soranzo
Marco Tonino
Vincenzo Tosetto


costumes by Giacomo Sega
  by Paolo Calzavara

lights  by Cristiano Colleoni / Domenico Migliaccio
assistant director
  Alessia Cacco

technical assistance  Elena Ajani


Production Ca 'Foscari Theater - Ca' Foscari Foundation


scene photos and videos  Federico Vescovi

duration  90 '

In dialogue with the work of John Gay, who portrays with dazzling insight a degraded society in which human relationships are governed exclusively by economic interest, and the work of Bertolt Brecht, who two centuries later thoroughly analyzes the gaps / chasms of the system of which we are still part, that of profit and generalized exploitation, we want to talk about ourselves, about our current situation as the new poor, and not only in a monetary sense. Powerless under the weight of inevitable failure, we find ourselves without assurance of our fundamental rights as human beings and above all deeply alone. 

The happy events of this band of desperate people in search of a place in the sun at whatever cost, fighting for the survival (of their own small - great power), in a network of ruthless relationships such as "death your life my", in where there is no more space for any spiritual activity, they tell - in comedy - the failure of an ideology based on the transformation of everything into a "sales product", thus mockingly unmasking the great mythologies of our time: money, success , the "You can!" (at the expense of others).

[Sandra Mangini]



Locandina Quattro Soldi - Compagnia Malmadur
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